Cooking with the ♥, serving with the soul

VIVO Catering

Culinary in a pleasant ambient that takes you into a relaxed atmosphere where you can develop and conclude your business deals or you just relax completely and enjoy yourself.

We cook with celebrities

The idea came to us to cook together with friends, celebrities with whom we have been working for years and years. We invited some friends, partners and together we prepared recipes and of course we filmed. We will now be building this story together every Thursday with a new video.

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Every catering, every project, every personal order is a challenge for us and at the same time big responsibility.

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Gala dinner

With unusual but imaginated combinations, we encourage unexpected emotions and experience the deepest memories of our guests.

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Our contribution to well-being of all tha participants in various congresses, everay time make as happy. We are especially proud of the our service implementation at the largest and longest congress in Slovenia.

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We know that for newlyweds who decide to get married, the wedding is the most important day in their lives. Trust Vivo's team and our cattering. With our wedding planner, we will organize the catering closer to your wiches.

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Once in a lifetime that kind of event is happening. It reperesents a major milestone and achievement for high school graduatio attendees and their parents.

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In Vivo catering we organize various themed picnics, from socializing with employees to socializing in your own garden. The picnics can be organized in clearings, meadoww and underthe tents throughout Slovenia.

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Vivo Exclusive

Vivo Exclusive segment is designed for the guest who knows what he wants at his event. We are very proud of every that kind of event. Back in 2008 we did a banquet for the Queen Elizabeth II, while she was in Slovenia and that we are very proud of. If you want such a pampering as there was on that day, just call or message us.

Vivo Catering


Locations for all occasions dictated by both business and personal life.

Vivo D125
Klub CD 360°
Cankarjev dom
Gospodarsko razstavišče
Ljubljana Castle
Festival hall
Slovenian coast – Piran
Festival hall Bled
Outdoor or under tents

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With more than 20 years of tradition on the Slovenian and European markets.

A recognizable brand with high quality. We are recognized as one of the three most recognizable catering companies in Southeast Europe. Our development over the years has been associated with creative solutions in the field of F&B (food and beverage) with high added value.