Festival hall

For decades the Plečnik Hall has been considered as a synonym of social life in Ljubljana.

The closed semicircular building hides an interesting atrium courtyard. It has hosted numerous domestic and international dance events, concerts, congresses, fashion shows, valetas, proms, weddings and many other events.

It is technically equipped to perform both demanding and less demanding events. We adjust the layout of tables, stages, chairs and other stage elements, according to the number of visitors and the type of event.

It is suitable for a smaller number of visitors (under 100) as well as for a larger number (up to 750 people). In case of a smaller number of visitors and to adapt to the program it can be divided into two parts (stage program and catering), the hall can be divided into two parts with a large red velvet curtain.

Why choose this location

As several years partner we know the location very well and advise when organising

Possibility of demanding events with catering from the start to the end

Possibility to use balcony and backstage

Great for shows, weddings, business parties or personal celebrations

Is the location right for your event?

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