VIVO D125 24/7

Our home and temple of top cuisine is the Center for Innovative Solutions VIVO D125.

Our living room is located on Dunajska cesta 125 in Ljubljana, in a house that is architecturally protected as a cultural heritage of local importance. At home, it always smells of new and different cuisine, but at the same time it offers various contents in its multipurpose space, in addition to breakfasts and daily lunches, also business parties, round tables, product presentations, company anniversaries, exhibitions and various concerts. Become a part of our innovative, different and, above all, heartfelt life.

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Daily lunches

Our cuisine knows no boundaries, which can be seen above all in the tastes in the homeliness of the dining room of our home. Every day we offer you a variety of culinary gatherings enriched by our and foreign traditions.

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The VIVO D125 lives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, because there are no hours for entertainment. We organize and prepare a party for employees, business partners, associations, children, students, regardless of purpose. We also help you with creative design, as the range of our space is limitless.

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You want to cheer up your business partner or colleague, get him on your side through socializing with good food and a drop, or just thank him for the progress they have made together. Or you want to give your loved ones more attention.

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Hall rental

Our house was built during the socialist era. Savin Sever made it a department store, which gained the status of an architectural monument. We actually saved her from decay, gave her a soul, took that as a challenge, while many saw her as a burden.

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Our home has been and will be the host of many exhibitions. A space that breathes and lets artistic creativity come to the fore even more. Above all, to support art.

Thank you for your inquiry. We will respond as soon as possible.

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Z več kot 20-letno tradicijo na slovenskem in evropskem trgu.

Prepoznavna blagovna znamka z visoko kakovostjo, uvrščajo nas v eno izmed treh najprepoznavnejših catering podjetij Jugovzhodne Evrope. Naš razvoj je bil vsa leta povezan s kreativnimi rešitvami na področju F&B (food and beverage) z visoko dodano vrednostjo.