Our contribution to well-being of all tha participants in various congresses, everay time make as happy. We are especially proud of the our service implementation at the largest and longest congress in Slovenia.

  • Creativity of one and / or more breaks: coffee, tea, drinks and snacks.
  • Choice of dishes suitable for lunch and dinner.
  • Concerning about the well-being and palates of the participants fort them to maintain concentration and strength until further work.
  • Self service lunch (choice of dishes should be reasonably light so the tiredness after a meal does
    not obstruct further work and concentration of participants)
    Gala dinners for different types of participants
Vivo Catering


Locations for all congress. No matter if it's small or big.

Vivo D125
Klub CD 360°
Cankarjev dom
Gospodarsko razstavišče
Ljubljana Castle
Festival hall
Festival hall Bled